Practical knowledge

Our team of industry professionals provides you with hands-on learning experience on python libraries during our Python coaching in Hyderabad.


Career Prospects

Python language garners a diverse user-base including IT companies to finance sector to education sector making it a highly preferred language and Python Training in Hyderabad a highly preferred course.


Nominal Fee

To make the learners industry-ready by providing them with highly demanded skills, AP2V provides its Python Training in Hyderabad at a very nominal cost.


Benefits of Python Training in Hyderabad


Python can be broken down into the following topics-

  • Data types- float, int, strings
  • Compound data structures- tuples, lists, dictionaries
  • Conditionals, loops, and functions
  • Subject-oriented usage and usage of libraries


  • Hands-on experience in python labs and coding
  • No pre-required knowledge makes it available for learners with non-programming background
  • Affordable course fee
  • Make you leverage the python libraries
  • Quintessential mentors at your service to guide you throughout your training
  • Counselors to help you decide the right option for you
  • Flexible learning hours with our Python Course in Hyderabad, at your home


Designed by experts for learners who wish to begin their programming career, as well as those who already are in the field, our Python course follows the following outline-

  • Basics of python
  • Knowledge of variables and data types
  • Lessons on Python operators and strings
  • Training on Data structures and functions
  • Subject-oriented programming


Our Python Training is designed in a way to makes it accessible to a wide range of learners. The learner base garnered by our course includes-

  • Fresh graduates willing to take a plunge in the field of programming
  • Those willing to start a career in finance, web development
  • Those planning on transitioning to security or web development 

Our top Python Training is the right way to begin your career in the programming world and make career-altering choices.


Python renders solutions to diverse domains- from AI-ML to Data Analytics, Finance, and even the education and health sector. Many companies have shifted their applications to python including YouTube, Google, and so on.

Python is a versatile, flexible, and easy to wrap your head around language and its widespread popularity is testimony to its features.
After taking the Python course, you are eligible to write clean codes, build websites and manage projects.   
In companies, top job profiles entail Python Engineer, Python Developer, and Python full-stack developer proving the high demand for the second-highest-paid programming language in the world.

Although Python Training in Hyderabad doesn’t make you job-ready, it paves a way you may have never explored.
Organizations are shifting their applications to python as it provides libraries that facilitate data analysis, data visualization, among other things.

Even after python’s promising future in the years to come, there’s still a gap between companies’ needs and individuals’ skills. You can capitalize on the gap by beginning your python career with our Python Training in Hyderabad.


Due to its flexibility, versatility, and other features, many large-scale organizations have moved their tech stack to python and have begun to leverage its features.

Any company, start-up or long-established, which uses python language requires Python experts to facilitate the growth in their business.

Some of the top companies leveraging Python and hiring python certification holders are TCS and YouTube.

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Python Training in Hyderabad Reviews

Python Training in Hyderabad Curriculum

Course Content
  • Course Overview 
  • What is a Script program? 
  • Types of Scripts 
  • Difference between Script and Programming Languages 
  • Features and Limitation of Scripting 
  • Types of programming Language Paradigms  
  • What is Python? 
  • Why Python? 
  • Who Uses Python? 
  • Characteristics of Python 
  • History of Python   
  • Install Python IDE | IDE - Sublime Text 
  • Python Download and Installation on Windows, Linux and Mac 
  • Execute the Script 
  • Interactive and Script Mode 
  • Python File Extensions 
  • SETTING PATH IN Windows 
  • Python Comments 
  • Quit the Python Shell 
  • Shell as a Simple Calculator 
  • Quotations in Python 
  • Python Path Testing 
  • Joining two lines 
  • Create "Hello, AP2V Solutions!" program  
  • Numbers 
  • Strings 
  • Tuple 
  • Lists 
  • List Indexing and Slicing 
  • Defining and Accessing Lists 
  • Splitting and Joining Strings 
  • List Searching 
  • Dictionary 
  • Defining a Dictionary 
  • Dictionary Lookup and Update 
  • Checking Keys 
  • Exercises  
  • Python Strings 
  • Concatenation  
  • Indexing Strings 
  • Searching Strings 
  • Slicing Strings 
  • Formatting Strings
  • Concatenation 
  • Exercises   
  • Boolean Logic 
  • Logical Expressions 
  • Comparisons 
  • Conditionals 
  • More conditionals
  • Nested conditions   

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Experience 250+ hours of best-in-class content developed by leading faculty & industry leaders in the form of videos, case studies & projects

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Python Training in Hyderabad Exam & Certification

Live your dream to be hired by top IT Companies with us, offering an array of professional courses with 100% Job Assistance

Frequently Asked Questions

Python is among the leading programming languages around the world. To help you keep up with the industry’s demand, AP2V introduces to you its Python Core training in Hyderabad at the comfort of your homes.

Based on the offers available, the cost of Python Core training in Hyderabad starts at 7000 INR.

AP2V has designed its Python Core Certification to help learners with non-programming as well as programming background gain knowledge of this highly trending language.

At AP2V, your training spans over 6 weeks/weekends with flexible learning hours

With our belief in experiential learning, we provide the learners an experience on real-time projects and various python libraries.

To be a Python Core Expert, you need to have a handle on Web frameworks and the python language, to name a few.

Our Python course is offered at a reasonable price of 7000 INR in Hyderabad.

AP2V provides you with the Best Python training as its training incorporates experiential learning.

At AP2V, you can get the top Python core training at the comfort of your schedule.

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