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For a student who is interested in acquiring an in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of Microsoft Azure Training Center in Delhi, AP2V is the best option for him or her.


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At AP2V, we have a reasonable course fee structure for Microsoft Azure Certification in Delhi.


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At our institute, learners not only gain comprehensive knowledge but also get in-depth corporate experience.

Benefits of Microsoft Azure Training in Delhi


The features of the Microsoft Azure Certification Course in Delhi AP2V are as follows:

  • IT practitioners and aspirants can benefit from Microsoft Azure Training by learning how to use cloud computing in Microsoft Azure.
  • The Azure Cloud Fundamentals course teaches students how to deal with scenarios such as billing, subscriptions, and other Microsoft Azure-related challenges.
  • There is a role-based authentication mechanism that Microsoft teaches you how to administer on their platform.
  • Students taking the course at AP2V will learn about cloud technology and containers from experienced professionals. 
  • We are aware of the potential requirement for candidates to keep up-to-date on advancement-related topics.
  • To communicate with students, our organization relies on current methods and approaches.


The prerequisites of the Microsoft Azure Course in Delhi AP2V are as follows:

  • General knowledge and the idea of information technology.
  • Learners must have a solid foundation of knowledge in virtualization as well as knowledge of the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing.
  • An understanding of network settings, such as TCP/IP and the Domain Name System (DNS).
  • VMs, virtual networking, and virtual hard drives are some of the technologies that are used in on-premises virtualization.
  • Disaster recovery, encompassing backup and restoration procedures, are concepts that need to be grasped.

The following are objectives of taking up the Microsoft Azure Certification in Delhi AP2V are as follows:

  • Students will be able to manage their Azure identities and administration.
  • Implementing and managing storage.
  • Installing and managing Azure computing resources.
  • Watch over and back up your Azure resources.


Almost anybody can enroll for the Microsoft Azure Classes in Delhi at AP2V. Aspiring or current IT professionals and non-technical persons with cloud-related jobs might benefit from learning what the cloud is and how it works. Anyone who wishes to comprehend the Microsoft Azure environment must have the knowledge required to pass this test, which is a prerequisite for the certification.


People that have experience in web design or computers and can code effective outcomes are constantly in high demand by companies, especially those that are just getting off the ground. This has led to a rise in demand for cloud practitioners in recent years.

When it comes to reasonable working and production efficiency, they may rely on Microsoft Azure principles to deliver efficient solutions. For example, a company's success can be enhanced by combining cloud computing with Microsoft products.


Individuals with Microsoft Azure Training in Delhi from AP2V can land the following job roles:

  • Azure Cloud Administrator - IaaS/Firewall/Kubernetes
  • Microsoft Azure Architecture Cloud Operations Administrator
  • Azure Solutions Architect Expert
  • Azure DevOps Engineer Expert
  • Azure Security Engineer Associate.


As a leader in the sector of IT jobs, AP2V is well-recognized by major brands and companies. As a result, we allow students to engage with professionals and gain exposure to possible employers.

Students from our school are hired by the most reputable firms, who applaud their abilities and expertise. AP2V's ability to continuously meet the needs of students is due to the committed service of our knowledgeable faculty members.

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Microsoft Azure Training in Delhi Reviews

Microsoft Azure Training in Delhi Curriculum

Course Content

● Introduction to Cloud Computing

● Why Cloud Computing?

● Benefits of Cloud Computing

● Public Cloud

● Private Cloud

● Hybrid Cloud

● Infrastructure as a Service

● Software as a Service

● Platform as a Service

● What is virtualization?

● Virtualization and cloud computing

● Types of virtualization

● Virtualization terminologies

● Hypervisor

● Introduction to Azure  

● Introduction to the Azure products

● Signing up for Azure

● Introduction Azure management console

● Manage Azure subscriptions

   ○ assign administrator permissions

   ○ configure cost center quotas and tagging

   ○ configure Azure subscription policies at Azure subscription level

● Analyze resource utilization and consumption

   ○ configure diagnostic settings on resources

   ○ create baseline for resources

   ○ create and test alerts

   ○ analyze alerts across subscription

   ○ analyze metrics across subscription

   ○ create action groups

   ○ monitor for unused resources 

   ○ monitor spend

   ○ report on spend

   ○ utilize Log Search query functions

   ○ view alerts in Log Analytics

 ● Manage resource groups

   ○ use Azure policies for resource group

   ○ configure resource locks

   ○ configure resource policies

   ○ implement and set tagging on resource groups

   ○ move resources across resource groups

   ○ remove resource groups

● Create and configure storage accounts

   ○ configure network access to the storage account  

   ○ create and configure storage account

   ○ generate shared access signature

   ○ install and use Azure Storage Explorer

   ○ manage access keys

   ○ monitor activity log by using Log Analytics

   ○ implement Azure storage replication

● Import and export data to Azure  

   ○ create export from Azure job

   ○ create import into Azure job

   ○ use Azure Data Box

   ○ configure and use Azure blob storage

   ○ configure Azure content delivery network (CDN) endpoints

● Configure Azure files

   ○ create Azure file share

   ○ create Azure File Sync service

   ○ create Azure sync group

   ○ troubleshoot Azure File Sync

● Implement Azure backup

   ○ configure and review backup reports

   ○ perform backup operation

   ○ create Recovery Services Vault

   ○ create and configure backup policy

   ○ perform a restore operation

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Microsoft Azure Training in Delhi Exam & Certification

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your employment opportunities are endless when you get a Microsoft Azure certification. It's possible to become a cloud engineer, a cloud architect, or even a solution architect.

Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate course cost in Delhi will cost you about Rs. 17 to 18 K.

You can enroll yourself at our AP2V institute to get entry-level Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate certification in Delhi.

To learn Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate in Delhi, you will need around a month.

You can get Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate training in Delhi at our AP2V institute.

An applicant must have at least 6 months of hands-on experience in managing Azure, combined with a solid grasp of key Azure services, applications in the Azure cloud as well as Azure security, and also governance.

Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate course cost in Delhi will cost you about Rs. 17 to 18 K.

AP2V is the best institute Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate in India.

You can get Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate training in Delhi at our AP2V institute.

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