Detailed learning

At the end of this course, students will have complete know-how about the functioning of Django and its benefits. Practice on the program will help them get used to it and have efficiency.

Professional guidance

Our team at Django Developing Center in Delhi comprises professionals who have excelled in their field of knowledge and have been trained specially for the students to receive the best guidance throughout the course.

Fee structure

This course is available at Django Course Training in Delhi at a very reasonable fee structure.


Benefits of Django Course Training in Delhi


  • The main focus of the program is to reduce the time to develop websites. The features of Django help developers to create as per the requirements of the clients, with more detail, keeping in mind the development time for maintaining a balance between the output and deadlines.
  • The use of Django is flexible as it is accessible on different operating systems like Linux,  Windows, and Mac OS. Django is updated constantly and new inclusions are worked on as per increasing demand for features.
  • This makes customization and changes a lot easier and convenient. It also helps to reduce the cost of development to a great extent. It is used by many developers and they come up with new additions and solutions to support other users of the program. 
  • They help and assist to find solutions for issues faced. Django is written using python so having prior knowledge of python makes it easier and Python is a very simple programming language to learn.
  • As it is open-source,  security can be a question, but necessary steps have been taken. Django takes security very seriously and the first step towards it is that it hides your website source code.
  • Due to faster and better ability,  companies can pay more attention to improving the performance and expanding it and less time has to be spent on finding solutions to problems. All these skills can be hired by joining Django Course Training in Delhi.


  • This course lists no prior knowledge about the program.
  • You can start from scratch and learn about all the operations that can be performed using Django, though having prior knowledge of python might make it a lot easier and faster for you to learn Django.
  • You will be practicing the programming language in our labs pursuing our Django Developing Certification Course in Delhi.


People who are trying to learn about machine learning and programming should surely opt for our Django Course Training in Delhi. It can also be used by already trained coders to increase their skills and develop their efficiency while working. This is a great program for people with clients and deadlines as the speed of working can increase while using Django because of its framework and inbuilt features.


  • Knowing Django is your way to get into the main field streams in the market.
  • It is a highly technical position and meets a lot of the creative needs of a company. In today's business world,  every business, no matter how big or small, work on having a website for themselves to advertise as well as have client support. If you know your way through Django, you have an upper hand and extra credits while applying for jobs, as the number of skills you have is more as compared to many others and this matters.
  • Every company is looking for people who can meet their client requirements and work with speed. This can open gates for future opportunities for more advanced positions after having experience of a few years.
  • You can apply to various companies and attain a stable and high-paying job in a good brand name.
  • We help you through your placements so that you are well aware of the pros and cons of each application and choose the best for yourself. This is what makes us the best Django Course Training in Delhi.


Technology development is continuous and along with new advancements, new jobs are constantly emerging in the industry. The demand for Django developers and coders is very high in all possible fields including entertainment, fashion, and entrepreneurship. Spotify, Pinterest, The Washington Post, and Instagram to name a few are the companies that have used Django to develop their sites.

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Django Course Training in Delhi Reviews

Django Course Training in Delhi Curriculum

Course Content

● What is Python?

● Interpreted languages

● Advantages and disadvantages

● Downloading and installing

● Finalizing GIT repo for Python scripts

● Running standalone scripts under Linux

● Date Types

● String

● Numbers

● Tuple

● Lists

● Dictionaries

● The if and elif statements

● while loops

● Syntax of function definition

● Modules

● What is a module?

● The import statement

● Packages

● Virtual environment

● About Django

● Django Components

● Django Pre-Requisites

● Downloading & Installing Django

● Choosing a Database

● Creating a New Project

● About view functions

● Using Django’s Http Response Class

● Understanding Http Request Object

● Using Query Dict Objects

● About URL Conf o Regular Expressions

● Expression Examples

● Simple URL Conf Examples

● Using Multiple URL Conf’s

● Passing URL Arguments

● Enabling the Admin Interface

● Creating an Admin User

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Experience 250+ hours of best-in-class content developed by leading faculty & industry leaders in the form of videos, case studies & projects

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Industry Project

Django Course Training in Delhi Exam & Certification

Live your dream to be hired by top IT Companies with us, offering an array of professional courses with 100% Job Assistance

Frequently Asked Questions

AP2V has been educating students for more than 6 years now and students from India and all over the globe have trusted us.

It can cost around Rs.9,999/-

Entry-level Django developer certification can be availed at AP2V.

The course takes around 45 days to be completed; students can access the learning material even after the duration is over for future use.

We provide around 30 real-time projects during the assignments to put the knowledge of students to the test and help them with necessary improvements.

Practice and work experience is essential.

It can cost something between Rs4,000-5,000.

We have been recognized for our performance in Delhi and all over the country as we try to create an engaging experience for students.

This training is available at AP2V.

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