Microsoft Azure Course in Mumbai will validate the skill and experience in the field.

Ideal for

Microsoft Azure Training In Mumbai is ideal for both fresh beginners and working professionals.


Microsoft Azure, Course duration and fees in Mumbai are fifteen thousand for three months at AP2V Academy.  

Benefits of Microsoft Azure Training In Mumbai


Along with offering services like SaaS, PaaS, and LaaS, many other programming languages, frameworks and tools are aided by it which can incorporate third-party systems as well. Azure offers more than six hundred services among which computational services, storage services, mobile services, data management, media services, management services, and developer services are important ones. AP2V academy offers the Best Microsoft Azure Classes In Mumbai.

Along with these, it offers more services which makes it the best and the most preferred in the market. It has good offers and benefits for all sizes of business. Microsoft Azure offers reliability and security in the case of data management. Microsoft Azure Course Coaching in Mumbai helps you in learning all the features of the platform and how to use it.    


The Microsoft Azure Course Certification in Mumbai will help the candidate understand the Azure applications and architecture better. The main principles of cloud computing will be clear through the Microsoft Azure Certification Course in Mumbai and the candidate will learn to implement it. Managing billing and subscriptions will also be clear throughout the course.


For candidates willing to pursue a career in the cloud industry, taking the Microsoft Azure Course training in Mumbai is the best choice. Beginners such as people who have just graduated and have some prior knowledge of cloud computing can enroll in the course to increase their skills. It is ideal for working professionals who have experience of fewer than two years and are planning to shift to the cloud from a technical or non-technical field, they should enroll in the Microsoft Azure Classes in Mumbai at AP2V academy. Our academy is the Best Microsoft Azure Training Institute in Mumbai.   


Microsoft Azure Course Training in Mumbai will flourish the candidate's career. It can help in increasing and improving the earnings in your field and gives you an edge over other candidates. The world is inclining towards the cloud very rapidly and the majority of the enterprise workload will be moved to the cloud in the upcoming ten to fifteen years which will result in high demand for cloud computing professionals and employment in this field will increase drastically. Microsoft Azure Certification Course in Mumbai will validate your skills and expertise.  


The industry of cloud computing is growing rapidly and the majority of the big and small companies are shifting their enterprise workload to the cloud. Many renowned and big companies have shifted to the cloud and their preferred cloud computing platform is Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure Certification in Mumbai will widen your career opportunities. The chances of being hired by a big company increased after the Microsoft Azure Training In Mumbai.  

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Microsoft Azure Training In Mumbai Reviews

Microsoft Azure Training In Mumbai Curriculum

Course Content

● Introduction to Cloud Computing

● Why Cloud Computing?

● Benefits of Cloud Computing

● Public Cloud

● Private Cloud

● Hybrid Cloud

● Infrastructure as a Service

● Software as a Service

● Platform as a Service

● What is virtualization?

● Virtualization and cloud computing

● Types of virtualization

● Virtualization terminologies

● Hypervisor

● Introduction to Azure  

● Introduction to the Azure products

● Signing up for Azure

● Introduction Azure management console

● Manage Azure subscriptions

   ○ assign administrator permissions

   ○ configure cost center quotas and tagging

   ○ configure Azure subscription policies at Azure subscription level

● Analyze resource utilization and consumption

   ○ configure diagnostic settings on resources

   ○ create baseline for resources

   ○ create and test alerts

   ○ analyze alerts across subscription

   ○ analyze metrics across subscription

   ○ create action groups

   ○ monitor for unused resources 

   ○ monitor spend

   ○ report on spend

   ○ utilize Log Search query functions

   ○ view alerts in Log Analytics

 ● Manage resource groups

   ○ use Azure policies for resource group

   ○ configure resource locks

   ○ configure resource policies

   ○ implement and set tagging on resource groups

   ○ move resources across resource groups

   ○ remove resource groups

● Create and configure storage accounts

   ○ configure network access to the storage account  

   ○ create and configure storage account

   ○ generate shared access signature

   ○ install and use Azure Storage Explorer

   ○ manage access keys

   ○ monitor activity log by using Log Analytics

   ○ implement Azure storage replication

● Import and export data to Azure  

   ○ create export from Azure job

   ○ create import into Azure job

   ○ use Azure Data Box

   ○ configure and use Azure blob storage

   ○ configure Azure content delivery network (CDN) endpoints

● Configure Azure files

   ○ create Azure file share

   ○ create Azure File Sync service

   ○ create Azure sync group

   ○ troubleshoot Azure File Sync

● Implement Azure backup

   ○ configure and review backup reports

   ○ perform backup operation

   ○ create Recovery Services Vault

   ○ create and configure backup policy

   ○ perform a restore operation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Attending Microsoft Azure Administrative Associate cloud course in Mumbai and learning will enable the individual to pursue a large extent of career options and it also allows the individual to work in several industries.

The Microsoft Azure Administrative Associate cloud course coaching in Mumbai costs approximately ten to fifteen thousand to learn the course.

Microsoft Azure Administrative associate cloud course classes in Mumbai at AP2V academy are affordable and budget-friendly. It costs approximately ten to fifteen courses to learn cloud courses.

AP2V academy is the best institute for Microsoft Azure Administrative Associate coaching in Mumbai as well as in India. The services provided by the faculty of AP2V academy are quite top-notch.

The Microsoft Azure Administrative associate cloud course training in Mumbai can be easily availed at AP2V academy. Our services at AP2V academy are quite fundamental and affordable.

Microsoft Azure Administrative Associate cloud course certification in Mumbai can be availed at AP2V academy. Our academy provides reliable certification courses and validates the skill.

It will take approximately three months to learn the Microsoft Azure Administrative Associate Cloud course in Mumbai.

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