There is no debate today about the rising demand of Hadoop in business environments. With so much data to process and analyse, Big Data Certification and Hadoop Certification has become a highly sought after skill in global companies.

There is an urgent need for IT professionals who are abreast with the latest Hadoop technologies and can add value to their organization by analysing and processing data using Big Data Hadoop tools.

Along with an accelerated career growth, you can also expect an increased pay package once you complete your Big Data Hadoop Training in Noida and Cloudera CCAH Certification from AP2V Academy.


  • To develop hands-on experience and knowledge to manage Big Data and applications designed with Hadoop
  • To have detailed understanding of the various concepts and modules used in building the Hadoop framework
  • To understand the concepts and workflow for ZOOKEEPER, PIG, HDFS, HBASE, HIVE and Map-Reduce
  • To comprehend the framework of processing with clusters and the distributed file system
  • To independently build a Big Data project
  • To learn how to work with Hadoop architecture for proper storage and resource management
  • Prepare for Cloudera CCAH certification


Big Data Hadoop is rapidly becoming a highly-valued skill for the following professionals:

  • Software developers and architects
  • Senior IT professionals
  • Project Managers
  • Data Scientists
  • Data Management experts
  • Analytics professionals
  • Business Intelligence experts
  • Testing professionals and mainframe technicians
  • Graduates or post-graduates looking for a promising career in Big Data

Knowledge of Java and operating systems like Linux/Unix are essential for this course as it helps participants better grasp the subjects of Big Data and Hadoop.


A number of companies are now struggling to hire certified Hadoop talent. As the technology is finding its way in various Fortune 500 companies, many industries need the assurance of hiring talented people who are capable of handling petabytes of data with ease and reliability.

A number of industries like finance, retail, FMCG, media, energy, utilities, pharmaceuticals and others are embracing this technology to their advantage and having certified professionals generate value from their data will be an added benefit to every enterprise.

You can capitalize on this huge demand for Hadoop professionals and enrol at a Big data Hadoop Training Institute in Noida today!


You can get your certification after learning from Big Data Hadoop Training Institutes in Noida. Participants can either opt for an Online Hadoop Training or choose Hadoop Training Classes, as per their convenience.

AP2V Academy offers an interactive training module equipped with a regularly updated curriculum that aligns with the latest technologies in the market. We focus entirely on getting you job-ready as well as helping you crack your Cloudera certification exams during our training period.

We also offer corporate training sessions for companies who would like to offer this training for their entire team of IT or specific professionals with spectacular analytical skills. Those who are unable to attend the classes can choose our one on one training sessions for better learning.

If you have any questions regarding the course or need any further information, feel free to contact us at this link


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