Practical experience

We at Machine Learning and Data Science Training Institute in Chandigarh believe in practical training of students so that they have a real time experience with job situations and know how to handle them.

Gain knowledge

Our team at Machine Learning andData Science Training Centre in Chandigarh will be teaching students the basics of machine learning and then move on to complex concepts giving them an overall knowledge about the field and its benefits.


This course is offered by us at a very reasonable price.

Benefits of Data Science Course in Chandigarh


Students will be learning about the following-

  • Learning how to perform cross validation in order to avoid overtraining.
  • Building a recommended system,  meaning and importance of regularization, highly used machine learning algorithms, principal component analysis, regularization by building a recommended system, meaning of training data and the uses provided by it to draw conclusions.
  • You will learn algorithms using training data in order to predict outcome for future data sets, meaning of overtraining techniques and other alternatives to prevent cross validation.
  • Machine learning and data science is a vast concept, so proper guidance is essential. Our team at Machine Learning and Data Science Classes in Chandigarh consists of more than 20 professors who have experience in their respective fields and have excelled in them.
  • We do not compromise on the quality of our services. In order to provide students with nothing less than the best, we have a special training program for our teachers in which we train them to create a more approachable and engaging environment for students by using innovative methods of learning and building communication.


  • You will learn to multitask and manage diverse aspects at the same time.
  • Professors at our Machine Learning and Data Science Coaching in Chandigarh are available to answer any queries at any time.
  • If choosing online training, we provide all learning material such as syllabus, life sessions and projects. We have opted for smart ways of learning.
  • They will be using our modern laboratories at the Machine Learning and Data Science Classes in Chandigarh to perform projects and have practical experience with python.


Students who are interested in building a stable career in the field of Information Technology and computer programming should opt for this course. It will help them to build all relevant automation skills required for job applications. Knowledge about daily development in technology is a benefit because interest in the field is crucial further development.


  • The IT sector development is on the rise and machine learning and programming are prominent among the rest.
  • It involves training in different programs like python that can help in web development, software development and web designing. These are highly in demand under different sectors. Companies working in all fields require a strong IT staff and computer programming is the fastest growing field for the same.
  • Developers are in great demand. If you are thinking about changing your career path, you can opt for our Machine Learning and Data Science Course in Chandigarh. Moreover having a certification can help you get a stable and well paid job.

Receiving a certification from a prestigious institution will add on to the credits during job placement. Our trainers assist all students during the evaluation test and at the time of placement. We divide all students under one program in small batches so that instructors can pay attention to the performance and improvement of each student. These services make us the Best Machine Learning andData Science Course in Chandigarh.


Machine learning and data science experts are in high demand in companies working under different industries because they are the ideal for development and maintenance of a strong IT structure. They can guide other subordinates in the company to make improvements to increase customer satisfaction. Some very big names hire machine learning and data science experts.  They have been highlighted below:

Upcoming Batches

  • Apr 13 SAT & SUN Weekend Batch
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  • Apr 27 SAT & SUN (6 WEEKS) Weekend Batch

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  • Apr 15 MON TO THU (6 WEEKS)
    Filling Fast

    Timings - 09:30 AM to 10:30 AM

  • Apr 29 MON TO THU (6 WEEKS)

    Timings - 05:00 PM to 06:00 PM

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Experience 250+ hours of best-in-class content developed by leading faculty & industry leaders in the form of videos, case studies & projects

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are based in Delhi and have had many students for 6 years now. We believe in improvement and try our best to help students get an enhancing and enlightening experience.

It can cost about 9999.

We offer the entry level certification in this course.

In order to test the aptitude and increase engaging experience of students, we provide real time projects and evaluate them for improvement in performance.

An in-depth knowledge is essential.

It can cost anything between 8K to 9K

AP2V is the best and has been ranked among top Institutes.

We offer this training and students can opt for either online or offline modes of learning.

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Recorded Videos

  1. Enhance students learning Experience.
  2. Relief the pressure of Note-Taking.
  3. Lifetime Access.
  4. Learning Flexibility.
  5. Easy to retakes of each sessions.
  6. Pocket friendly course.

Live Interactive Classes

  1. Lectures bring together diversed group of students to learn in different ways.
  2. Live interactive Instructor-led training.
  3. 24 x 7 hours learning assistance.
  4. Have a team of well-qualified expert trainers.
  5. Lifetime access of class recordings.
  6. Affordable fees.

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