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Key USPs and Certification details

Vast opportunities

The field of software development and programming is very vast and has many jobs revolving around similar operations, so the number of options available for job applications and career enhancement is endless.

Foundation level

Choosing to opt for this course at our DevOps Training Centre in Chandigarh will help you to build your foundation with a stronghold over basic concepts, making it easier to grasp more complex portions in future courses.


We at DevOps Coaching in Chandigarh start teaching from the basics, so there is no requirement of prior knowledge about any of the tools used. A basic know how of operating system and networking would be beneficial.

Benefits of DevOps Training in Chandigarh

DevOps Fundamentals and Key Features

The main focus is to learn about the cloud and its functions and benefits. They learn to balance operations of project development among different teams better.
How to give updates of a product more quickly.

Switch from labor to automation in various processes and use the saved time on other tasks. 

They learn how to function with system operators, IT operations staff, admins, and developers, all included in one project.

They are responsible for the technical and operational tasks, so adequate knowledge and skills are essential.

They learn the procedures of designing and improving IT infrastructure.

As DevOps trainees, they are taught to make improvements to the existing infrastructure to improve performance and get releases to the market in less time.

Optimization of the release cycle- they will be learning how to increase efficiency in usage of time by trying to remove procedures that are unnecessary and act as a hindrance in quicker market releases.

Project management- DevOps engineers have very professional skills and knowledge regarding overall operations, so students are taught to become the leads of an IT project and make sure that all departments work in the interest of the company.

We at DevOps Training in Chandigarh provide top-notch infrastructure and amenities to students to help them experience an actual corporate environment and hands-on practice on all the different functions relating to the job description so that they have prior knowledge in handling different situations. These facilities make us the Best DevOps Training institute in Chandigarh.

Course Outline

We at DevOps Centre in Chandigarh train students to link IT functions together. It is important to focus and build soft skills and manage multiple operations at once. They will be practicing with complex software tools, infrastructure, design automation, and software development and programming. They will learn about all forms of IT operations.

Many are involved in writing scripts and codes to automate key tasks and building plugins to deploy and develop tools to meet the needs of the team a lot better, so coding is a part of DevOps Training.

They will have experience in using automation tools, repository hosting configuration management, source code management, containerization software, Project Management Solutions, and monitoring software.

Training involves understanding agile methodology and testing software in order to maintain the quality of services and avoiding any prospective mishaps. Students can avail of DevOps Training in Chandigarh by choosing to opt for online or offline modes depending upon what suits them best.

The quality of service stays the same irrespective of the model chosen. Online classes include live sessions and pre-recorded lectures so that students can ask their queries in real-time. All learning material is provided to them and is accessible even after the completion of the course duration.

Who Should Enroll In This Course?

Students interested in building their careers in the field of Information Technology should opt for the DevOps Certification course in Chandigarh. Operations staff and software engineers can make for excellent DevOps engineers as they have a lot of knowledge and experience in the field and can help incorporate cooperation among the two functions really well.

Why Will DevOps Training in Chandigarh Change Your Career?

DevOps training includes learning about different automation skills and can open doors to many jobs like software testers who are responsible for trying testing and examining DevOps-related software.

Release manager who oversees the execution of controlling scheduling planning and marketing and release of the software.
Check DevOps engineers- they are related to the security and privacy measures that are necessary to be inculcated in the release cycle and all other related processes.

Automation experts- they are responsible for technical support and development.
Having experience in an actual workspace will help you build more skills and knowledge about routine functioning, increasing your capacity and credibility as a DevOps engineer. Taking a certification from a prestigious institution also acts as extra credit and advantage over other prospective employee candidates. Experience in a good company will help you to apply for higher positions in the future.

Top Companies Hire DevOps Engineers

The demand for DevOps Training in Chandigarh is increasing due to the all-inclusive job description. All companies are trying to have a strong staff and increase automation over labor and DevOps engineers are the perfect replacement for it all. Some top names in the IT industry hire DevOps engineers. A few of them have been highlighted below:

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DevOps Training in Chandigarh Reviews

  • UserImage

    Jyoti Verma

    AP2V Academy is a great place for learning. I have joined AP2V for DevOps training. Staff members are also good. The flexible batch facility also helps us. Thanks to the AP2V team

  • UserImage

    Ashish Kumar

    One of the best institute. I took the DevOps certification course from here, the instructor was very knowledgeable. Supportive staff.

  • UserImage

    Manish Gupta

    Best place to learn Linux and DevOps. I had a great learning experience from Shuaib sir and Especially from Pankaj sir. He is one of the best teachers for Linux.

Frequently asked questions

AP2V has been educating students for more than 6 years now and students from India and all over the globe have trusted us.

It can cost anything between 8K to 9K.

Entry level Devops training can be availed at AP2V.

The course takes around 45 days to be completed; students can access the learning material even after the duration is over for future use.

We provide around 30 real time projects during the course of the assignments.

Practice and work experience are essential.

It can cost around Rs.9000.

We have been recognized for a performance in Chandigarh and all over the country as we try to create an engaging experience for students.

This training is available at AP2V.

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