AP2V Academy brings you an opportunity to learn Big Data and Hadoop from leading data experts through a well-designed course curriculum.

At present, 65% of the Fortune 100 companies are using big data in order to drive their business and this number will only increase.

By getting expert training from AP2V Academy, one of the Best Big Data Hadoop Training Institutes in Delhi, you can drive your career towards a successful path.

Our Big Data Hadoop Training curriculum is updated regularly to reflect the latest tools and technologies in Big Data and help you crack your certification and job interviews with ease.


As per IBM Big Data statistics, we create nearly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data on a daily basis. In fact, 90% of the data present in the world today has been created in just the last two years.

Professionals who have the ability and skills to analyse this huge data and deliver useful information from it are highly sought after by leading companies all around the world. Hadoop is an open source software framework that stores and processes Big Data.

It is built on a Java platform and focuses on improving the performance of data processing on large clusters of commodity hardware and can process high volume and high variety of data to create value for business.


  • By learning big data, you will be able to analyse business problems using Hadoop in various industries like FMCG, retail, telecom, finance, etc.
  • You will get an excellent advantage over professionals in a similar field in terms of pay package when you get certified with Cloudera CCAH certification
  • The course is also ideal for professionals who are looking to transition into Hadoop from different technical backgrounds
  • Getting the certification will authenticate your hands-on experience of Big Data and Hadoop
  • It also verifies to your employer that you are aware of the latest features of Hadoop
  • Companies are constantly looking for certified professionals who have the capability of handling their petabytes of data The certification is proof that you are reliable to successfully manage their data.


  • You get a unique opportunity to mix with like-minded professionals and network with new contacts
  • We offer a range of learning options – right from Hadoop Training ClassesOnline Hadoop TrainingCorporate Training sessions and even one on one training for every individual need
  • Our curriculum has been designed keeping in mind the certification questions as well as practical job environments
  • All our trainers are highly qualified and certified, with immense knowledge and experience of imparting Hadoop and Big Data training
  • You can also choose your training time from our flexible schedule and opt for after-hours training in case of any doubts
  • We use a hands-on approach towards teaching that involves video tutorials, drill sessions, real-life case studies and question answer sessions for high engagement from our students
  • Being one of the most reputed Big Data Hadoop Training Center in Delhi, we can assure you of an interactive learning environment at all times
  • Our consultants also offer complete job placement assistance so that you can find the right employment opportunities post your training and certification

If you have any further questions regarding Big Data Hadoop Training in Delhi, please visit us at https://www.ap2v.com/testimonials/


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