If you’re looking to become a Red Hat Certified Architect, AP2V Academy offers the Best RHCA Training in Gurgaon for leading IT professionals who want to further advance their careers in the Red Hat Enterprise environment. An RHCA is a certified RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer) or a certified JBoss developer who achieves the highest level of certification from Red Hat.

The key to earning this certification is passing and maintaining 5 additional hands-on exams from the Red Hat technologies. For students who pass in more than 5 exams, they can get a higher level of RHCA.

So, if you pass six exams apart from your RHCE or RHCJD, you can become an RHCA Level II and this status is reflected on your verification page. The more exams you can pass, the more reputed and acclaimed your certification will become.

However, to maintain your RHCA certification, you must have minimum five credentials beyond the RHCE and RHCJD. The core subjects for the certification include OpenStack, Storage, Virtualization, JBoss and Hardening.


This course is ideal for senior Linux administrators whose job responsibility includes the deployment and management of complex systems in a large enterprise environment. By getting an RHCA certification, professionals achieve the capstone in Linux systems and can further advance in their careers.

Those with a Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) certification or a Red Hat Certified Technician (RHCT) certification are ideal candidates to take up this course and achieve the most acclaimed and mature certification from Red Hat.

Senior Linux administrators who are required by their employers to prove their competencies and skills in an advanced set-up can take up this training. Also, professionals who wish to validate their skills of planning, designing and managing open source infrastructure in a large complex environment should consider RHCA.

The exam is highly performance-based and tests the competency and skills of the candidates in a job-role environment.

The RHCA course is comparatively challenging and time-consuming and thus, professionals must consider only the best RHCA training institute in Gurgaon for this certification. At ap2v, we understand all the intricacies of the exam and prepare our students thoroughly to answer the in-depth questions and crack the exam with flying colours.


At AP2V Academy, we commend the following series of trainings and their respective certifications so that you can achieve the highest levels of RHCA certifications.

  • Storage Server Administration – RH236 (EX236)
  • OpenStack Administration – CL110, CL210, CL310 (EX110, EX210, EX310)
  • Enterprise Virtualization – RH318 (EX318)
  • JBoss Administration – JB248, JB348 (EX248, EX348)
  • Automation with Ansible – DO407 (EX407)
  • Server Hardening – RH413 (EX413)


Based on the five exams that you clear, you will achieve a vast range of skills and knowledge in installing, configuring and managing complex Linux systems in an enterprise environment.

Preparing for the exam from the Best RHCA Training Center in Gurgaon will equip IT professionals with profound and in-depth Linux knowledge and skills. Getting this certification will make you an exceptional asset in any IT organization that employs Red Hat systems. With this certification, you also get the exposure to hone the role of a technical leader and handle different aspects of IT planning and management.

Getting your RHCA from leading RHCA Training Institutes in Gurgaon also represents a series of skills that drive innovation and ensure ROI in every organization’s IT investment.

AP2V Academy will offer exceptional assistance to help RHCA professionals find the right placement for their skill-sets and grow exponentially in the Linux space. For more information, please contact us or visit: https://www.ap2v.com/testimonials/


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