It is rightly said that if there is any major star in Linux certification, it is Red Hat.

The company has proven its mettle by offering commercial Linux platforms and technologies to Fortune 500 companies and many other IT firms.

It’s vast market presence and years of experience and expertise in the industry has given Red Hat the reputation of being a leader in Linux systems.

If you’re looking for Red Hat certification courses, AP2V Academy offers the best RHCE training in Delhi. Typically, Red Hat offers a ladder that begins with an administrator, engineer, and finally an architect as per its certification modules. Once you complete your RHCSA (Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator), you can move on to earn RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer).

AP2V Academy is an authorized business and training partner of Red Hat and offers highly reputed and valuable credentials for training along with hands-on exams and an excellent curriculum. The exams are all performance-based and may last two hours or longer.


This certification is required if you aspire to become a senior-level administrator for Linux systems in a Red Hat Enterprise. The various topics covered during the course include automating maintenance tasks, working with various networking services like FTP, DNS, SSH and more, IP routing and services, handling runtime kernel behaviour and many others. Before you appear for RHCE, it is mandatory to get your RHCSA certification.

At AP2V Academy, one of the leading RHCE training institutes in Delhi, we offer 3 training modules for Linux, including the Red Hat System Administration I (RH124), II (RH134) and III (RH254). Once you complete these 3 training modules, you will be prepared to take up the certification exams of Red Hat (EX200 and EX300) and with the RHCSA and RHCE certifications by your side, you can assist your company with successful migrations and deployments.


We’re a reputed RHCE training center in Delhi with years of experience and thousands of satisfied students. AP2V Academy has all the required tools and techniques to prepare our candidates to crack their RHCE exams and ensure their certification so that they can advance in their careers.

  • We begin by expanding your Linux skills with simple explanations and easy to follow examples
  • All our lessons are conducted by certified trainers with years of expertise in the industry and training
  • Trainers regularly conduct practical exams, drill sessions, real-life questions and answers and review exams to get you ready for your corporate Linux experience
  • Also, we give our proprietary curriculum to every student, which is considered to be the best for RHCE certifications
  • Our labs are innovative, advanced and modern, well-equipped to manage our hands-on and practical approach to teaching
  • We also use video tutorials for better understanding of specific commands, locations to inbuilt documentation and other crucial topics that are relevant to the exams


Once you complete your training and get your certification from the best RHCE Training Institute in Delhi, you are ready to become a Red Hat systems engineer in leading IT firms and top MNCs.

A number of our bright alumni have secured amazing positions in some of the most reputable companies in the world. By completing RHCE certification, you possess the ability to install and configure Red Hat Linux, basic security and firewall, and the X Window system.

You will also be prepared to set up common IP services, handle basic diagnostic and troubleshooting for Linux and perform the essential system administration tasks.

The course will help you understand the limitations of the hardware, and give you a significant real-world experience in Unix and Linux systems along with the knowledge to set up networking like HTTP, DNS, FTP, DHCP, and more.

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