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AWS DevOps Vs Azure DevOps

AWS DevOps Vs Azure DevOps

Are you confused between AWS DevOps and Azure DevOps?
AWS DEVOPS VS AZURE DEVOPS which is better? 
Tools of AWS DevOps and Azure DevOps? 
Features of both AWS DevOps and Azure DevOps?

If all these questions are in your mind then, this is for you.



First, we understand what is DevOps.

So, DevOps is not a service nor a technology, it is a methodology that means bringing people together (i.e. development team and operational team together), to use some processes that create value for our end user and enables continuous delivery.

In other words, it is an automated process where the developer checks the code then the code is automatically moved to the build server and then deployed or distributed to the production server.


What is AWS DevOps? 

Before answering this question let us try to understand the meaning of AWS. 

So, what is AWS?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services and was launched in 2006, and is a service platform that provides security services based on the cloud, and it provides more than 200 fully featured services globally. 

And now what is meant by AWS DevOps?

AWS DevOps is meant to provide a select few tools to build and deploy software in the cloud efficiently and without much hassle.



 For managing the entire product lifecycle, AWS DevOps has several tools are: 

  • AWS Code Star: AWS Code Star provides facilities for application development or creation in AWS instances
  • AWS Code Build:AWS Code Build is a fully managed tool that facilitates compiling sources, testing an application, and creating a deployable software package.
  • AWS Code Deploy: It helps to avoid downtime during deployment, and it is a fully managed tool to automate software deployment in a cloud or on-premises environment.
  • AWS Lambda: It helps to deploy the code without the help of traditional contexts i.e. you can upload only the app source code, after that the rest is configured through scaling rules.
  • Amazon ECS:Amazon ECS stands for Amazon EC2 Container Service which provides the facility to run Docker containers on scalable clusters without any hassle.


What is Azure? 

Azure or Microsoft Azure is a public cloud computing platform that provides numerous cloud services, such as storage, networking, analytics, and more.
What is Azure DevOps?

Azure DevOps is a complete package in which we follow different styles of software development practices and through this, we manage the software development life cycle.


Some tools of Azure DevOps are:

  • Azure Boards: It is a customizable tool that helps in the management of software packages through the support of Agile, Scrum, and Kanban processes.
  • Azure Repos: It is the set of tools that facilitates to the management of the code and helps in checking the changes and improving the code over time.
  • Azure Pipeline: It is one of the tools of Azure DevOps which supports all major languages and all types of projects which automatically builds and tests the code and also helps to distribute the code to any location.
  • Azure Artifacts: Azure Artifacts helps developers to share and manage code efficiently and developer can publish packages and share them with the team or publicly.


AWS DevOps VS Azure DevOps which is better:

AWS DevOps:

  • Definition:-  AWS DevOps is meant to provide a select few tools to build and deploy software in the cloud efficiently and without much hassle.
  • Software for package management:-  AWS does not have internal software for package management.
  • Service Model:-  AWS is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) which helps in regular checking through which we calculate all the requirements.
  • Pricing Model:-  AWS charges on a hourly basis.
  • Types of Storages Oferings:-  Amazon Simple Storage Service(S3), Amazn File System(EFS), Amazon FSX, etc.
  • Price:-  AWS is less expensive.

Azure DevOps:

  • Definition:- Azure DevOps is a complete package in which we follow different styles of software development practices and through this we manage the software development life cycle.
  • Software for package management:-  Azure has a softwaremanagement tool, which is Azure Artifacts.
  • Service Model:-  Azure is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) which helps in managing and building code.
  • Pricing Model:-  Azure charges on a per-minute basis.
  • Types of Storages Oferings:-  Azure Manager disk, Azure Queue Storage, Azure Blob, etc.
  • Price:-  Azure is more expensive than AWS.


Why did we choose AWS DevOps?

  • Certification from AWS: AWS is the first cloud computing platform and it is the most trusted Amazon also provides cloud computing-related jobs from AWS as we all know that AWS is in demand. 
  • Demand for DevOps: We know that DevOps provides an ease to companies who work 24/7 and adopt changes from time to time and through this DevOps is required for every business.
  • Effortless Learning: With a logical mindset and elementary knowledge of scripting language and through this, you can also set career opportunities with DevOps. 

Why did we choose Azure DevOps?

  • Complete solution for software development: Azure DevOps provides a complete solution for software development, whether it is about managing pipelines or creating a new pipeline.
  • Using the tools of your choice: In Azure, there is the freedom to customize the software program with the available Azure tools.
  • Manages infrastructure and security: Azure helps manage infrastructure through tools such as Terraform.



In the end, it’s your decision who won the battle against your choice in AWS DevOps VS Azure DevOps.Because we all know that both AWS and Azure DevOps are the top 2 cloud computing platforms in the current market and both have their own special features.

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