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Eligibility Criteria For Python Course

Eligibility Criteria For Python Course


Python is a high-level programming language used across various platforms. It is primarily used for developing cloud-based applications.

It is used for recovering data from various sources and processing data. The creation of CAD drawings, vibrations, dynamic motion, and simulation needs Python programming language.

Students trying to learn Python has many choices to learn the language. There are many online platforms offering Python courses at reasonable costs.

These websites offer the best training and valid certifications for the Python programming language. Apart from online training, a few institutes offer the best on-campus training along with internship and job assistance.

There is no age limit for pursuing the Python language. Any student with a minimum programming knowledge is eligible to pursue Python language. Any 12th passed out, graduate, or post-graduate student is eligible to take Python training. The Python training course focuses mainly on educating about the fundamental aspects of the language to students.


The students aspiring for python training should be a minimum of 12th passed-outs. They should be accustomed to the basics of programming and have little computer proficiency.

The course duration for Python language ranges anything in between 3 to 6 months. The course fee varies for each institute. Students can opt for the best training at less rate from any online training portal. 

Students pursuing a python course should always choose a certification course. It will add value to their resume and help them get placed in top companies.

Students having analytical thinking ability can learn the course faster and become successful programmers.

The python certification program helps students in learning the core concepts and writing programs with better understanding.

Students planning to pursue this course are required to be patient and attentive for quick learning.


The Python course fee ranges anything in between Rs.2000 and Rs.6000. Students can opt for online or offline admission into the course. After the initial registration process, students can choose their convenient time to attend classes and complete the certification course.


The course syllabus for Python programming language consists of 

•    Basic of python programming
•    Data types, input-output operations, and operators
•    Data manipulation tools
•    Execution of loops and conditions
•    Lists and list processing
•    Logical and bitwise operations
•    Bubble sort algorithm
•    Functions, dictionaries, Tuples, and data processing
•    Functions 
•    List methods, packages, and modules
•    Exceptions
•    String methods
•    Classes, objects, and methods 

Students can find the detailed description of these topics in the books available online or offline and gain an in-depth knowledge of the course.


Python job aspirants have various job opportunities based on their skills and experience level. The python certification program will provide software engineers with real-time problem-solving skills. By enrolling in a certification program, students will get the foundational skills and will be capable of debugging the programs, designing algorithms, and executing the code professionally.

A certified python developer is able to get jobs in KPOs, BPOs, the government sector, and top MNCs with different job profiles. A few profiles offered to python certified professionals include:

•    Python Application Engineer
•    Software programmer
•    Python developer
•    Data Analyst
•    Android software developer    

The salaries offered to python certified professionals range between 2 lakhs to 6 lakhs per annum.

This average salary depends on the experience level of the candidate. There is a huge requirement for Python developers in top MNCs and thus aspiring students can expect a diverse range of opportunities and also salaries.

Python developers are in high demand for making a difference when it comes to providing feasible solutions to suit the client's requirements. The popularity and the preference it is given over other programming languages have increased the chances of finding a lucrative job and a high paycheck from top MNCs.



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