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Values of DevOps

Values of DevOps

What are the Values of DevOps


We all know that manufacturers make products for people in the market and people buy products based on their needs and manufacturers always keep their customers' needs in mind while manufacturing any product. To meet the needs of the customers, the manufacturer adds value in the process of producing products that are useful to the customers and also increase profits. Similarly, in DevOps practices, the developer adds value like advanced features, enhanced functionality etc. which helps the organization to work efficiently and effectively.

We have already learned in several blogs about DevOps by APv2 that it provides ease of working, efficiently develops, deploys and maintains applications and also enhances the quality of communication between development, operations and other teams. Furthermore, DevOps helps reduce risk and cost as well as improve customer satisfaction by providing better visibility and control over the software development cycle. And now let us know in detail what are the values of DevOps and much more about the core values of DevOps.

What are the Values of Devops?

DevOps has 6 core values:

  • People and processes over the tools: DevOps aims to create collaboration and optimize processes between development, operations and other teams. DevOps always focuses on the processes over implementing the tools.
  • Automation:Automation occurs at each stage of DevOps lifecycle management and is similar to DevOps which rapidly delivers and deploys applications.
  • Continuous Improvement: Feedback and continuous improvement are critical for teams to identify errors in software development and fix problems quickly. Hence, DevOps always monitors the feedback and makes improvements as per the requirements.
  • Collaboration: For creating value added products, collaboration is an important part as sharing of thoughts and ideas leads to better products for the organization.
  • Monitoring and Modifying: We always monitor and modify the development processes for efficient production and to stay updated with the market.
  • Security: Security is the main objective for every organization and DevOps gives full assurance of security of the tools during the processes. It also ensures the organization that the development is done as per the particular rules and regulations.

Benefits of DevOps values:

  • Encourages Collaboration: DevOps encourages collaboration between teams from different departments for better communication and efficiency in development.
  • Increased Productivity:Productivity levels are increased through faster delivery and deployment.
  • High Quality Products:Customers always prefer good quality products which have less bugs so DevOps mainly focuses on quality with continuous improvement.
  • Faster release cycles:Through automation and continuous deployment of applications, rapid releases occur without delays.
  • Enhanced Scalability:DevOps emphasizes scalability which encourages the ability to quickly respond to customer feedback and rapidly deploy new features.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is paramount for any developer, so with DevOps, the products are delivered faster with higher quality.
  • Lower cost: DevOps creates efficient processes, reduces manual labor and increases automation thereby reducing the cost of development.

Points to achieve Values of DevOPs 

  • Respecting all opinions while developing software and creating an environment where everyone is open to share and receive ideas.
  • Automation is the key to success in DevOps, so focus on automating tasks and processes as much as possible.
  • DevOps focuses on monitoring everything from application performance to user experience and also identifies areas for improvement.
  • Continuous improvement is required to expedite the delivery process.
  • DevOps uses cloud-based tools and technologies to increase scalability, flexibility, and speed.
  • DevOps monitored and tested the development regularly with proper security framework.
  • Through customer feedback, we make decisions about the product and process.



After knowing so much about the values of DevOps, now we know about the core values as well as the benefits of DevOps. We learned that they include communication, collaboration, automation, continuous integration/delivery, security, scalability, and customer satisfaction that increase efficiency and reduce the cost of software development. So, this is all about the values of DevOps and you can also learn more DevOps concepts by AP2V.


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