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Aws Salary in India in 2023

Aws Salary in India in 2023


Nowadays, businesses adopt cloud computing services for business development securely and efficiently. But the question arises that why did we need to launch these cloud computing platforms?
As we know that when we host an application, we initially need multiple servers, otherwise at the time of traffic, or we can say, the load cannot be handled when more clients are requested. And before those platforms, servers were very expensive and as per budget pattern it was out of reach of new developers, and also server had a lot of security issues and maintenance cost was very high. That is why cloud computing platforms were launched to provide ease to the developers.
And there are many cloud computing platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, etc. And Amazon Web Service (AWS) is the first cloud computing platform which was launched in 2006 and it provides more than 200 totally services worldwide. AWS is most demanded in the market and Amazon provides many cloud computing jobs with better salary. So, let us discuss the AWS Jobs, AWS Salary in India and many more.

What is an AWS?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services and was launched in 2006, and is a service platform that provides secure services based on the cloud, and it provides more than 200 fully featured services globally. And it requires an AWS engineer to perform all these tasks to keep the applications running.

What is AWS Engineer?

An AWS engineer is an IT specialist who designs, manages, and develops the AWS Cloud Framework to run applications. And an AWS engineer takes on multiple responsibilities as per the size and nature of the businesses. 

Duties of AWS Engineer

1. Management of Cloud Framework: An AWS Engineer performs the duties for the development of AWS Cloud Framework i.e., it manages, plans and executes.
2. CI/CD Pipeline: Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) is an automated process in the software development lifecycle that helps to deliver a new version of the software if some problem occurs while integrating new or existing code. And an engineer implements CI/CD pipelines as needed.
3. Interact with team members: The AWS Engineer works with other team members and the architecture team to build and execute cloud services.
 4. Stay updated: An engineer is always up-to-date because of the company’s growth i.e., keeping updated with new technology and vendor products.
5. Troubleshoot systems: An AWS engineer locates errors or issues and resolves those issues across all platforms.
6. Cloud Security: An engineer installs the required security in the system through the best cloud security solution.

Skills required to become an AWS Engineer

There are some essential skills that are required to become an AWS engineer:
1. Knowledge of cloud computing and practices: An AWS engineer must have a deep knowledge of cloud services and practices, through this an engineer builds cloud native systems, breaks down cloud systems and assures that cloud services are properly utilized through its functions.
2. Continuous Delivery (CD): AWS engineers not only need to understand a CD tool and system but also have knowledge of the internal workings so that they can integrate different tools and systems to create fully performing delivery pipelines within the software life cycle. 
3. Performance Analysis: AWS engineers always ensure that the application runs smoothly after the execution of the solution and if they find some errors or find bugs in the code then they make changes as per the requirements to keep the system running.
4. Collaboration: There are many people behind software running smoothly and efficiently, so AWS engineer needs to collaborate with other members and architects to build a successful software.
5. Awareness of relevant tools and technology: An AWS engineers should be comfortable with tools like source control, configuration management tools, automation tools, containers and should also have knowledge of quality, monitoring, testing tools that are used across the software life cycle. 

AWS Salary and Career Opportunities in India:

1. AWS Cloud Software Engineer: If a software engineer has experience in Python, Ruby, JavaScript or any other programming language and also designs, executes or develops software then it is very good for such software engineers. 
And the average salary of Cloud Software Engineer in India is Rs.6,69,476 per annum.
2. AWS Cloud Architect: AWS Cloud Architect is another great job in technology and AWS Cloud Architect works on buildings and manages AWS cloud environment efficiently, and they also provide technical architecture and innovate in software life cycle.
And the average salary of Cloud Architect is Rs.9,21,677 per annum.
3. AWS System Administrator: The job of an AWS administrator is to effectively equip, build, operate, and manage virtual systems of software frameworks, and they also manage analytics software and create dashboards for reporting. The salary range is from 3.0 lakh to 10.0 lakh and the average salary is Rs.5,70,000 yearly.
4. AWS DevOps Engineer: AWS DevOps Engineer creates AWS cloud solutions which provide efficiency in business development and also perform the duty of managing and executing the server when DevOps debugging or problem is found.
The average salary of an AWS DevOps Engineer is between Rs.5.5 Lakh to Rs.6.0 Lakh annually.
5. AWS Cloud Advisor: AWS Cloud Advisor gives technical inputs to the company i.e., consultant with technical expertise to plan designing, deployment and others, and also they advise about other issues like migration, security etc.
 AWS Cloud Advisor salary ranges from Rs.9.0 Lakh to Rs.30 Lakh with an average salary of Rs.9,50,000 per annum.
6. Security Engineer: AWS Security Engineer provides security to all AWS systems through execution of security controls with updated technologies and protects confidential and sensitive data.
The average salary of an AWS Security Engineer is Rs.8,50,000 annually.


AWS is undoubtedly a good career path in today’s scenario if you choose. The above discussion will help you in getting information about the latest average AWS Salary in India along with the required skills and all the duties performed by an AWS Engineer in the organization.

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