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Difference Between Devops And Devsecops

Difference Between Devops And Devsecops


Organizations, especially IT conglomerates, want to maintain a competitive edge in today's modern world. Therefore, they considered holding an appropriate blend of efficiency, quality output, and better product delivery. Against this backdrop, the contributions of DevOps and DevSecOps are inevitable and inexplicable. Therefore, organizations wonder how to incorporate these two platforms within the organization. 

Providentially, this is the end of all trouble becauseDevOps Training in Delhi allows software organization employees to inculcate the experiences of working with docker, DevOps, and DevSecOps tools. They have also initiated a “DevOps training online” program that helps build a strong DevOps team by maintaining pace with the software requirements. 


DevOps is an approach for learning Agile and lean software delivery that encourages closer and stronger collaboration between the business line, IT operations, and development. Historically, it combines the operation, development, and testing process, ultimately improving customer feedback. Moreover, it reduces the time of completing the development part. Continuous deployment, delivery, and monitoring allow the organization to respond faster and create an engaging user experience. 

DevSecOps is the acronym for Development, security, and operation. It represents necessary and natural evolution where the organization can carry out the development part by maintaining robust security. DevSecOps integrates the infrastructure and application security seamlessly into the DevOps tools and the process that handles security issues effectively. 


In the past, a separate Quality Assurance team was responsible for checking the security at the end of the development cycle. DevSecOps is the ultimate solution to decrease the time for accomplishing the entire software development phase. Furthermore, the DevSecOps methodology is directly associated with the trending practices concerning application security that expand and ensure the collaboration between the development and operation team for incorporating the security. Last but not least, it automates security integration in every segment of a development life cycle, from the initial design to the testing, deployment, and software delivery. 


  • The primary focus of DevOps is to enhance the collaboration between the operation and development team so that work development will be faster. On the other hand, DevSecOps improves the collaboration and communication between the operation, development, and security team. Although, the primary concern of DevSecOps is quality improvement.
  • CI/CD are the most crucial elements in DevOps that allow the project team to automate the development process, whereas shift left is an essential and mandated part of DevSecOps. Moreover, it ensures the core responsibility and security of the development team.
  • In DevOps, the operation and development teams are the main stakeholders in the software development process. On the flip side, the operation, development, and security teams are the primary stakeholders of DevSecOps.
  • DevOps is highly impacted by the perfect collaboration and acceleration of reliability where DevSecOps results better in increasing security, agility, and developing appropriate code. 


DevOps and DevSecOps are great tools for integrating efficacious communication, collaboration, and excellent security in the software development phase. Organizations that want to assimilate these two tools into their work environment can take the DevOps Training. In addition, DevOps online training will be beneficial for subsuming flexible collaboration without compromising security. 


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