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Python Vs Kotlin

Python Vs Kotlin


To communicate with the computer there are some specific languages called programming languages and programming languages are a set of commands written in a particular language to execute specific tasks such as software programs, scripts, databases and many more. Both Python and Kotlin are programming languages and both have their own features and limitations and there are some difficulties in choosing which one is good for programming software among them.

So here we talk about Python vs Kotlin i.e., we discuss the features, differences, purposes along with the true meaning of Python and Kotlin and many more. Before knowing about Python vs Kotlin we should know the correct definition of programming language.



A programming language is a system of commands written in a particular language for computing devices to perform specific tasks. And some programming languages are: Python, C++, Java, Kotlin, etc.

In all these languages now, we discuss Python vs Kotlin.



Python is a computer programming language that was designed by Guido van Rossum in 1991 and is used to create websites, software programs and code is easily executed in Python. And it is an intuitive language to learn and use, that is why it is a friendly programming language for new program developers because python performs multiple duties and handles large amounts of data.

Some applications that benefit from Python:

  • TryTon (enterprise applications)
  • Battlefield and World of Tanks (games)
  • TensorFlow and Keras (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) 



  • Assist Libraries: In Python, there is a vast library of standards which include network protocols, operating system interfaces, online services and many more. And in the library, there are already coded programming activities which reduce the time of writing code.
  • Dynamic language: Python is a high-level dynamic language which means that the value fluctuations are not decided in the future but in the present and due to dynamic nature, there is no need to specify the type of the values.
  • Open-Source Language:Python is an open-source language, which means that the code of Python language is available to the people on the official website at zero cost.
  • Integration with third parties: The Python package is integrated with third parties which means it helps in communication with multiple platforms in multiple languages.
  • Graphical Support: Python supports Graphical User Interface (GUI), which means Python program with its modules helps to develop graphical software and some of the modules that support GUI are PEQ15, PEQ14 and PEQ15 is one of the most popular option for graphical software programs in Python.
  • Effortless Coding: Python is a very easy language to learn, and it also helps to write code effortlessly unlike other languages and new developers easily learn the basics of Python, that's why it is a friendly language for the developers.



  • Easy for new developers: Python is a simple and structured language and highly readable unlike other languages, that's why new developers choose Python. Python also helps in writing less code. 
  • Large standard library: In Python, there is a large set of libraries that contain already written code for developers to give ease in software development. TensorFlow, SciPy, and Keras are just a few of Python's machine learning libraries.
  • Good for data science: Python is good for data science and the community of data scientists, new programmers and machine learning experts give ease of building databases with Python for testing capabilities. Some libraries that can be used for data science are TensorFlow, Seaborn, etc.
  • All-Rounder Language: Python is an all-rounder language, which means that Python is used in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and many other projects. Python is a favourable language among developers due to all-rounder feature and it has some automation tools which help in upgrading the performance like Arduino and Raspberry.



Kotlin is a new, or we can say modern form programming language which was invented by JetBrains in 2016, and it is compatible with Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Android developers i.e., to provide ease in Android development and make improvements in Java. And it is also designed to provide support to client programming development.
 Some applications that benefit from Python: 

  • Trello 
  • Cart Lens
  • Pinterest  



  • Compatible with Java: Kotlin supports the standard library of Java therefore allowing all developers to use all Java library features while developing software in Kotlin.
  • Availability of various platforms: Kotlin allows multi-platform i.e., Kotlin is suitable for multiple platforms like Java, Gradle files and even Android development.
  • Ease of distribution: Kotlin provides ease of working applications, which means it is easy and quick to move applications to Kotlin for Android code.
  • Requires less coding: In Kotlin, the developer does not need to write a lot of code. It provides flexibility to developers for writing the least amount of code for better application performance.
  • Encourages Functional Development: Kotlin focuses on functional development during programming which helps developers to effectively and efficiently carry out software development.
  • Dominate Android's development: Kotlin is supported by Google through which Kotlin has all the opportunities to dominate Android's development.



  • Various Platforms: Kotlin is used in various platforms, which means a written code is used in various platforms like Android, Java development and also helps in writing Gradle files in Kotlin. 
  • Low probability of errors: Kotlin provides the facility of low occurrence of errors and through this code can be written in a concise manner. It also supports Non-Nullable, which helps to avoid Null Pointer Exceptions.
  • Android Development:Android community is moving towards Kotlin which is officially supported programming language for Android development after Google shared information and some apps built using Kotlin like G Pay, Google Maps, etc.
  • Suitable for Java: Kotlin languages are designed to support Java code and run on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and Java libraries which used in Kotlin.  



In the above discussion, we came to know about Python vs Kotlin and Python is the best feature friendly language for new developers and if we talk about Kotlin then Kotlin supports multiple platform and android development with less coding. So, after knowing about Python vs Kotlin, now it is up to you which one is better or suitable for you between them.


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