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What Are The Prerequisites For Devops Training?

What Are The Prerequisites For Devops Training?

By implementing automation through DevOps, development, testing, and operations teams will have more bandwidth to communicate and collaborate. 

A DevOps engineer needs to have certain prerequisites to play a crucial role in the organization.

Basic requirements to learn DevOps

  • Understanding of Linux/Unix
  • Command-line interface
  • Building and deploying process works
  • Text editor
  • Basic scripting
  • Knowledge of webservers- G-Unicorn, Apache, and PM2
  • SQL and MongoDB database knowledge


Aspirants looking forward for a formal training in DevOpsneed to have few prerequisites. The details of these are described here:

  • Understanding of the containers: Containers enable developers to deploy code and generate applications straight from their personal devices. These are virtual environments. Containers are preferred in DevOps technology due to their ability to provide an accurate and directed environment to build within.
  • Programming knowledge: To gain expertise in DevOps development it is necessary to have knowledge of a few programming languages- Java, Perl, and Python. It becomes an easy task for the DevOps engineer to handle the development team and for application installation, configuration, and validation. 
  • Training and certification: A DevOps engineer should have undergone proper training of DevOps to gain in-depth knowledge of the concepts such as basics, lifecycle, DevOps tools, workflow, and other processes. A valid certification enables a DevOps engineer to achieve better job opportunities.
  • Knowledge of Automation tools: As all the development systems have become automated it is necessary for the DevOps engineer to have a basic knowledge of a few automation tools necessary at different levels of development, testing and operation. A basic knowledge of Jenkins, Bamboo, Hudson Though Works, and other tools to move efficiently in the development process is necessary.
  • Collaboration: DevOps development takes place in an agile environment. Collaboration and good interpersonal skills helps to avoid misinterpretation and increases efficiency.
  • Logical thinking: An efficient DevOps engineer should have a comprehensive outlook and grasp the concepts with a logical understanding. Leadership qualities and quick decision making capabilities are the professional skills required for a successful career.
  • Passion: Complete dedication and the eagerness to learn new concepts are the prerequisites for a DevOps engineer.


Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that interacts with various services such as networking, Internet of Things, storage, and development. It helps organisations in reducing the operational costs, easier implementation process, and better security.


To achieve Azure DevOpscertification one needs to follow appropriate strategies and approaches.
Relevant Azure certification: Microsoft offers various levels of certifications -fundaments, associate and expert. Based on the skills and as per work-domain select the right certification. Visit the Microsoft official site and choose the relevant certification from among the AZ-400 exam certifications that best suits your career goals and experience.

Microsoft Azure AZ-104, Microsoft Azure AZ-400, Microsoft Azure AZ-303 & 304 are popular certification courses preferred by professionals.

Clear understanding of the exam format: Getting familiar with the exam format helps to analyse what type of questions are asked and make it easy to prepare for the exam. The Microsoft Azure Official Documentation provided on the certification page has a detailed description of every topic and other exam prerequisites needed for the certification. The questions are designed according to the domain related to each certification.

Start learning: After getting familiar with the exam pattern start learning the basics available on the vast resources over the web. Apart from this, aspirants can join training courses offered specifically for Microsoft Azure. An instructor-led training gives scope for more exposure and efficient learning.

Hands-on experience: Practicing the concepts on the system helps to gain practical knowledge and better understanding of the concepts. Microsoft offers to create a free Azure account and various hand-on labs to practice the latest cloud services in a live environment. It helps to enhance the skills and make you more proficient.

Practice tests: Practice papers are the best way to access the knowledge gained through a training course. Microsoft offers practice papers available on its official site. Practice papers from other reliable resources also need to be solved for better understanding of the concepts. These practice tests help to gain real time experience such as time management and type of questions.


Learning DevOps is a continuous learning process. A person undergoing DevOps training needs to have dedication, passion, commitment and enthusiasm. There are several factors that decide the duration for DevOps training. A person’s previous interactions, business type, industry in which he is currently working, what are his preferences, prior expertise.

It will take 4-5 months for a beginner having no knowledge of DevOps. For individuals having basic knowledge of programming and an understanding of the concepts of DevOps a 3-4 months of training helps to grasp programming and scripting knowledge.

A person having technical knowledge with hands-on experience in coding, programming, and OS and an understanding of the workflow automation can learn DevOps within few weeks.

For becoming a proficient DevOps engineer, it is best to have theoretical and practical knowledge. Enrolling into an instructor-led training course will help to acquire skills faster. Applying the DevOps skills in live projects helps to analyse and understand the concepts better.

If you are interested in taking DevOps training Online and want to know more about DevOps then AP2V is the best option for you, which provides the Best DevOps training in Delhi.


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