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How Do Agile And Devops Interrelate?

How Do Agile And Devops Interrelate?

The DevOps development is done based on the software requirements that Agile teams develop.

The Agile method of development includes following a series of methods for developing software and managing projects.

Using an agile methodology for application development allows in the quick, hassle-free delivery of the service.

DevOps includes the development and operations involved in the application development.

It follows a set of techniques to optimize the development process. It removes the gap between the production and process. 

Interrelation between the agile and DevOps development methodology ensures a successful business model.


The agile method of software development involves people and resources along with the processes. DevOps provides the technology to business units and ensures it functions promptly and without any hindrance.

The iterations and new features added to the software follow DevOps practices for an error-free deployment of the application. The software requirements are laid out by the DevOps following which the agile team develops the application.

The agile development methodologies are used for DevOps to explore speed and innovation. The agile method of development process operates quickly, hence it allows for more consistent cycle responses.

Use of DevOps and agile interrelation leads to a bug-free and working software for enhanced customer satisfaction. DevOps provides the outline for the development of software through an agile methodology.

Virtualization technology involves both the DevOps and Agile methodologies. This allows companies to scale resources and leverage both DevOps projects and agile growth. With the integration of DevOps and agile development enterprises can improve their speed of software development and execution.

It will be helpful to job aspirants preparing with the interview questions to have an understanding of how DevOps and agile development are interrelated.


DevOps and Agile development methodologies are used during various stages of the software development life cycle. A few steps include:


The interrelation between DevOps and agile methodology offer transparency during the planning, coding and building stage of the application. It provides a shorter build cycle, resource flexibility, internal and external feedback, and operational awareness.


DevOps and agile interrelation ensures extensive testing across platforms and ensures the overall security of the various modules. It becomes a team responsibility and sharing of ownership.


The interrelation between DevOps and agile leads to a secure and scalable infrastructure. It leads to developer engagement and contribution towards the faster accomplishment of the project.


The combination of DevOps and agile development process helps in shortening the software life cycle. A reliable and sustainable workflow is achieved and the app deployment becomes a secure process.


Regular monitoring ensures optimization of the workflow, reduced failures, and increased customer experience.
Agile and DevOps interrelation emphasizes on team work. It ensures modernization, upskilling, and better collaboration.


Agile and Scrum are both iterative processes that include frequent client interaction, and collaborative decision making. It is the main reason why they are often confused to be same. 

Agile uses a set of values or principles for project management, Scrum on the other hand is used to facilitate a project that follows a specific agile methodology.
Scrum is delivered in smaller parts, agile applications are delivered at the end of the project.

Scrum development takes under the supervision of a Scrum master and product owner. Agile method of development on the other hand is handles by a cross-function team.


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