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Aws Salary In India

Aws Salary In India


AWS is the most sought-after technology in the internet landscape due to its scalability and ease that they bring to several web-related processes.

More and more AWS skilled persons are hired by various companies around the world. The salary for an AWS-trained professional is increasing significantly in India.

The various roles offered to an AWS fresher include AWS architect or AWS developer or any other profile that demands certification.

The salary offered for various levels of AWS development is higher and depends on the job responsibilities.

AWS architects or developers have a bright future as they are in high demand in the IT industry. With every field adopting the cloud infrastructure there is a dearth of skilled people who have the necessary knowledge of working on cloud applications.

AWS developers are therefore in great demand and offered considerably high packages. The scope of progress in their career path is higher.


Average salary for an AWS DevOps Engineer in India is 6 lakhs. AWS is a combination of several services and products that are associated with cloud computing on an individual level. A person having 3 years of AWS development experience can grab good opportunities and a higher pay check.


An AWS certified professional is in demand for various roles in MNCs. The salary for a certified AWS professional grows aggressively with experience and expertise. A certified professional performs better and with higher dexterity after getting acquainted with responsibilities. They have better chances to work with different opportunities.

A certified AWS professional can choose to work as an AWS developer or AWS architect.   

According to a recent survey, AWS accounts for one-third of the cloud computing market share. AWS is a globally popular cloud platform that has servers in 76 available zones. These availability zones help users to utilize the cloud services specifically to suit their geographical restrictions. This helps users to keep the stored data secure.

AWS is a high potential area in terms of the job market. Hence, it would be a wise decision for students and professionals to pursue AWS certification to grab an opportunity as AWS certified cloud engineer role with a high salary.


The AWS solution architect is the most in-demand role and is highly popular among AWS-certified professionals. An AWS architect needs to have an AWS solutions architect certification.

An AWS solutions architect is part of the solution development team of a company. They play a key role in designing applications and services. It requires them to have creative imagination and ideas along with technical knowledge.

A successful AWS solutions architect is proficient in both business and technical skills. They work in coordination with enterprise architects to develop solutions that are effective and practical for business. It requires them to manage processes and people.

An AWS solutions architect starts working on the project immediately after receiving the requirements from the system analyst. He remains a part of the project until it is completed. He is in charge of the development team and overlooks the development task and keeps the team motivated till the end of the project.

AWS solution architect in India salaries vary according to the geographical location, experience, the employer, and skills of the employee.

AWS solutions architects have a promising professional path ahead with their career only likely to grow bigger with time.

Hard work and intelligence put into the profession will lead an AWS solutions architect to higher positions with a higher pay check.


The basic salary of an AWS solutions architect in India at entry-level is around 607k a year. A person with inefficient skills and experience need to start his career with around 383k per annum.

People having considerable experience and associating with a MNC can earn nearly 15373K.

The geographical location where the candidate is aspiring job also plays a vital role in determining the pay check.

A person can earn upto 767K in Delhi, 1190K in Mumbai, 400K in Chennai, 550K in Hyderabad, and around 950 K in Kolkota.


A beginner having around a year experience might earn close to 480K. Mid-level employees earn around 800K and senior professionals having an experience of 5-10 years’ experience can expect around 180K   per year.

A person with 15 years of experience and having the necessary skills is entitled to earn around 3000K annually.

AWS salary differs based on the employers in India. Top MNCs are hiring skilled professionals for the AWS solutions architect position with a salary that is directly dependent on the skills and experience the candidate has in the field.

The pay scale of a AWS certified associate working for big MNCs is quite impressive. AWS architect working with Accenture earns around 430K to 3M a year. A TCS employee earns around 420K-2M a year for the same position. The salary range for AWS architect in Ericson is around 2M a year on an average and 298K-2M a year in HCL technologies ltd. An average compensation of 400K-2M a year, 350K-2M a year, and 250K-7M a year are offered by Wipro, Tech Mahindra, and Amazon respectively.


A person with AWS certification earns a slightly higher packages than one who is not certified. A DevOps engineer earns around 725K per year and a technical architect earns around 2M per year. 

It is obvious from the above information that a AWS professional has become the most sort after candidate. 

With the ever increasing use of cloud based services particularly the AWS in India, the need for fresher and expert candidates’ is increasing in India.

An ambitious AWS professional should always be updated and acquire new skills to stay ahead in the field of business.

AWS is an extremely dynamic field that needs constant skill upgradation and enrich knowledge about the subject helps one to stay ahead in the competition.    


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