PERL Scripting

PERL Scripting

PERL Scripting

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Learn how to write PERL scripts

Perl is known as the “Swiss Army Knife of Programming” because it is so useful in so many situations — both for system administration tasks and for generating dynamic web pages via the CGI protocol. The language itself is freely downloadable and can be installed on many different operating systems (including Windows, Mac, and Unix). Many web hosting companies offer Perl as a component of their Unix hosting plans.


In this course, Participant will learn to write reusable scripts with Perl. Through intensive exercises, participant learn to use Perl in your operating system and application environments as well as apply built-in functions of the language and make use of external modules.


Students should already be comfortable using the operating system (Linux, Unix, Windows, Solaris, Mac OS X, etc.) on which they will be running PERL. While not mandatory, basic skills with at least one other programming language are desirable.


  1. Overview of Perl

  2. Perl Variables

    Basic syntax
  3. Array , Quoting & Interpolation in Perl

    Perl data types like arrays and hashes
  4. Perl Operators

  5. Flow Control In Perl

  6. I/O : Input Operations and File I/O with Perl

    How to deal with data in with text files
  7. Regular Expression

  8. Subroutine in Perl

    Control structures and subroutines required to write Perl script
  9. References

  10. Complex Data Structures in Perl

  11. Binary Data Structure in Perl

  12. Perl Packages and Modules

  13. Multitasking

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